A lot of our learning takes place outside of our classrooms.

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Striving to be better

Striving to be better

At SMK DJ, we do not just aim for the ordinary. We strive for excellence.

Year after year, DJians make the school's name known at the district, state, national and international level. We have produced truckloads of straight-A students and an impressive overall GPA in the PT3 and SPM examinations. We have produced countless outstanding debaters, active King's Scouts, members of the formidable Harmonix Youth Choir, and the list goes on.

It is evident that SMK DJ is a conducive environment for unearthing the potential within youth, and cultivating not only academic, but also athletic, artistic and many more talents. This is all thanks to our dedicated educators, who tirelessly instill the values and drive in our students, to transform them into well-rounded high achievers.

This culture of striving for excellence goes beyond the four walls of high school. Throughout our efforts to bring ourselves and our school to greater heights, every DJian has a purpose, to not only adorn the school with throphies, certificates and medals, but to use the knowledge and skills acquired to bring positive impact to society. We are well aware that the future is in our generation's hands, and there is no better place to start than SMKDJ.

Our Niches


Harmonix Youth Choir is comprised of many talented youth members who have competed in countless competitions.


Our school has been maintaining a high proficiency in English among the students through proper cultivation and education.

Badan Beruniform


Be Prepared

St. John Ambulance

Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum


Inter Arma Carita

Kadet Polis

Mesra, Cepat & Betul

Kadet Remaja Sekolah

Ilmu, Iman & Amal

Pandu Puteri

Selalu Bersedia

Taekwando WTF



Martial Arts

Kelab dan Persatuan

Kelab Leo

Koir & Muzik

Kelab Sorak


Persatuan Pelajar Buddha

Christian Fellowship

Koperasi & Pengguna

KHB & Kulinari


Pendidikan Seni Visual

Pendidikan Islam

Sains & Matematik

Bahasa Inggeris

Bahasa Cina

Bahasa & Warisan

Kelab Kerjaya

Kelab 1 Malaysia

Pencegah Jenayah

SLAD & Prostar

Kejayaan Unit Kokurikulum

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